Aktzionerno Druzhestvo. Limited Liability company, can be publicly-traded. Company Extensions and Security Identifiers
The two-character ISO 3166 country code for Andorra. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
Approved Distributor - a person who has been individually authorised and approved for the purpose of supplying tied oil, in the course of trade for eligible use. HM Customs & Revenue Glossary

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ad ad [æd] noun [countable] MARKETING
an informal word for advertisement; = advert Bre:

• Out of every 77 TV ads, one is for beer.

ˈsmall ad also ˈclassified ad , ˈwant ad
an advertisement put in a newspaper by someone wanting to buy or sell something:

• He got his first clients through the small ads he put in the newspaper.

ˈteaser ad MARKETING
an advertisement that is used to get the public interested by giving very little information about the product. The purpose is to get attention for the full advertising campaign that follows see note at advertisement

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ad UK US /æd/ noun [C] MARKETING
an advertisement: an ad for sth »

He appeared in an ad for fizzy drinks.

take out/place an ad »

They took out a full-page ad in the newspaper.


The company has been running ads on Spanish-language TV network Telemundo.


newspaper/television/internet ads

See also BANNER AD(Cf. ↑banner ad), BUTTON AD(Cf. ↑button ad), CLASSIFIED AD(Cf. ↑classified ad), DISPLAY AD(Cf. ↑display ad), SMALL AD(Cf. ↑small ad), TEASER AD(Cf. ↑teaser ad), WANT AD(Cf. ↑want ad)
ad UK US /æd/ adjective [only before noun]
advertising: »

Who created the concept for the ad campaign?


ad executives


ad revenue/spending/budget

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